Hello internet!

It’s been about two and a half months since I’ve posted. My bad.  A lot of stuff happened following that previous post. Let’s catch up.

  1.  I’m gonna be a freakin’ dad. That’s wild.
  2. Training is back on schedule. I’m actually running more miles now than I was pre-injury, and feeling better.
  4. I got a new cushy marketing job that I’m super stoked on.
Yes, it’s real.

As you can see, my mind has been a wee-bit preoccupied. I am SUPER EXCITED to be a dad. Like incredibly excited. I love kids. That’s not really the point of this blog, though.

I’m sure child news will come up here and there, but for the most part, we’re going to focus on my running life.

Since my last post, I’ve run three races–5 mile leg of a marathon relay with mom and her friends, a 5k fun-run (totally dominated) and a 10 mile race. I’ll give you a brief run down of each so that we’re on the same page.

Rockin’ Chocolate Marathon Relay. Madison, WI. September 1st, 2018.

This race was two big laps of Lake Monona in Madison. Each lap was split into three legs for the marathon relay. I, being the young, spry lad of the group, took on one of the two “long” legs of 5 miles, my mother took the other. Proud of her.

Anyway, I had only been back to running for a week and a half at this point, so I was pretty nervous. I did an extensive warm up and a LOT of stretching just to make sure the hip was good to go. Turns out, it was.

I started off a little hot in typical Jake fashion, and had to force myself to slow it down. By “hot” I mean I went out at about 6:00/mi. In the end, I averaged 6:30/mi, but I honestly felt like my lungs could have handled holding the 6:00 pace. I’m thankful I didn’t push it, because BOY HOWDY were my legs sore the next day.

Haunted Hustle 5k. Eau Claire, WI. October 25, 2018.

The Haunted Hustle is a 5k charity event put on by the company I work for (Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire) to raise money for local non-profits. It’s a great event, and I’m not just saying that because I work for them.

A week prior to this event, I was offered a new position with the company–a content writer position in the marketing department. It just so happens that the marketing department heads up this whole event, and (surprise) the content writer is in charge of the event. With my predecessor leaving two days following the event, I had the pleasure of being at the course at 6 AM, setting up, shadowing her, racing, and then helping tear down, all while it was about 35 degrees. It sounds bad and it honestly wasn’t that bad… except the wind.

I ran in about 18:12, at least a minute in front of the field, and I stayed super consistent throughout the race–right around 6:00/mile. As this was a charity event and there really wasn’t anything on the line, I put it in cruise after working REALLY hard through a strong headwind in the first mile. Essentially, this ended up being a glorified workout, and I’m thankful it was, because I ended up signing up for another race the next weekend.

Carson 5k and 10 mile. Eau Claire, WI. October 27th, 2018.

This was a snap decision. I felt really good at the Haunted Hustle, so I decided to sign up for a 10 mile race the next weekend. I’m glad I did.

Not going to sugarcoat it, I feel like I crushed it. I got fourth overall and second male. I went out a little too hot through the first two miles (5:58/mi), but recovered pretty well and ended up averaging 6:21/mile, which was nice considering the course was a little hilly.

This is right where I wanted to be at this time of the year, and right where I want to be going into the Moustache Run Half Marathon in Minneapolis on Thanksgiving Weekend.

So that’s pretty much it. I’ve had a few decent races and I’m feeling confident. This week is the first time my legs have felt fatigued in a while, which is understandable considering the effort put in last weekend. I decided to take today and tomorrow off from running to try and get a little bit of juice back before my ritualistic Sunday long run.

Overall I’m very excited to be feeling better and I have a theory as to why that is. I’m trying to get better about posting regularly, so we’ll explore that more next week! By Wednesday! Hopefully!

If you like what you’re reading, please follow me on Twitter or Instagram. I’ve been updating a running-specific Instagram for the past few weeks and I try to post daily, so if you’ve ever been curious about my day-to-day training, that’s the place to look. I think there’s a way I can embed my Strava profile on this site (I’m sure there is) so keep an eye out for that next week, too.

Peace, Love and Chicken Grease (but not Chicken Grease because I don’t eat meat),
Twitter and Insta: @jakesmithruns

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