I know most of you have probably already thought about what your goals are going to be (fitness related or otherwise) in the next year, but for some it’s much more difficult.

Picking a goal or a New Years Resolution can be daunting! I mean, you have to commit for A WHOLE YEAR. That’s a long time.

These are the goals I’ve set for myself for the next year:

  • Run 2019 miles over the next year.
  • Run my first 50k this Fall.
  • Run every street in Eau Claire. 
  • Time goals:
    • Sub 18 minute 5k (first time since college)
    • Actually run a 10k (still haven’t for some reason)
    • Half Marathon < 1:23:00
    • Marathon < 2:55:00

I definitely haven’t had the best track record with New Years Resolutions, but this year I’m taking a different approach, and I’m feeling CONFIDENT AS HELL.

glitter man gif

I know that some may not share that sentiment about their 2019 adventures, so I decided to write a bit about my process here. Here are a few tips, thoughts and ideas I have on how to be successful in your goal setting over the next year.

1.  Keep it real.

Make sure that the goal you are setting is realistic.

Achieving your goal should take some effort, don’t get me wrong, but make sure where you want to be is in the realm of possibility. If you set your goal too high, you run the risk of pushing yourself to the point of burnout, or even injury. No one likes injury.

As I’ve said in a previous post, when setting goals, we tend to be think we can take on a lot more than we can handle.

There are plenty of ways we can combat this, and one is to make sure we do our research to ensure our goals are achievable. This can be as simple as a Google search, or talking to a friend who has done/attempted something similar.

TrainingPeaks has a GREAT article about keeping your goals real!

2. Roll with the punches.

I wrote about it here before, but it bears repeating:

Worry about what you can control.

It’s important to be flexible with your goals. Things happen. Sometimes it’s an injury, sometimes theres an unexpected work trip or family emergency.

Whatever it is, it’s OKAY to change it up. Rather than get down on yourself, reevaluate and adjust.

3. Write it down, ya dingus!

Don’t just write it down… Make sure you COME BACK TO IT.

It’s great to write down your goals in a fancy notebook, but make sure you come back to it once in a while to check in and make sure you’re still making progress.

It’s so easy to set a goal and just forget about it. It happens to a lot of people, and could be why only 8% of New Year’s Resolutions are achieved.

To avoid this, I keep a sticky  note taped to my computer monitor at work reminding me of my yearly mileage goal. I’ve seen people write it on mirrors, or keep a piece of paper folded up in their wallet.

Wherever you write it down, make sure to schedule a time every now and then to revisit/review your resolution or goal!

4. Set checkpoint. Crush it. Repeat.

If you break your goal down into smaller chunks it may help make it more manageable.

Plus, checkpoints can help make following progress on your “main” goal easier.

Personally, I like to break my mileage goals down by week. When I’m not “in season,” I try to set a distance goal at the beginning of each week and plan my mileage around that. At the end of the week, I evaluate what went well, what could have gone better, and if my body is ready to handle some extra distance.

So there you have it.

Pretty basic stuff, you’ve probably heard it before. But maybe not with as #Fresh of a take as your good pal Jake here?

I’m not reinventing the wheel, nor do I claim to be. These are just four things that I like to do/keep in mind when I’m working towards or setting a goal.

Anyway, thank you for stopping by and giving this bad boy a read. I’m going to try to do a few of these “tips” posts every once in a while (Everything I wish I knew pre-marathon is coming next, Emily) so let me know if theres anything you’d like to see!

Make sure to give me a follow on Twitter and/or Instagram! That’s where I’ll be posting most of my #EverySingleStreetEC updates.

Speaking of which, here’s my first Heatmap:

Strava heatmap, #EverySingleStreetEC

Nothing too impressive–I’ve only had 3 runs since the year started, so lay off. Hopefully I’ll be able to wrap up the Third Ward this weekend and see more of the city!

As always, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email. I’m not a scary guy, I promise.

Again, thanks for checking this out! I’ll have more (and better) posts soon!

Keep ‘er Movin’.


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