I haven’t written in a few weeks and for that I APOLOGIZE. Life happens, you know?

But, we’re here now. Lets wrap January up, nice and neat, and throw a cute little bow on it.

We’ll start with an #EverySingleStreetEC Update:

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This last week was WAY too cold to log any miles outside, so progress was stalled for a little bit… Thankfully I was able to finagle my way into a gym for the week to get my mileage in on the dreaded treadmill, from here on out referred to as the “dreadmill.”

Anyway. I made some pretty decent progress in January on my quest to cover every inch of street in the lovely city of Eau Claire.

I started off with the Third Ward, which has probably been the most confusing area so far… The streets aren’t really laid out in a nice, easy-to-follow grid. I know I covered the same streets a few times, but EVENTUALLY we got it done.

From there, I took on Downtown, which was quite a bit easier. I think I knocked all of that out in a long run and a few recovery days. Easy peasy.

Then, I branched out in opposite directions, East up to the East Hill and West over to the Water Street District.

Water Street was pretty simple, no complaints there. I did run into some trouble up on the East Hill, mainly because there are a handful of streets that start, and then stop for a few blocks, then continue. It was super easy to lose track up there.

And that’s right about where I left off before this SUPER RADICAL Polar Vortex rolled in.

I’m going to start the next month off by pushing North and starting work on the Mt. Simon area and Cannery District.

NOW on to training.

January is honestly the best month of training I’ve strung together in a LONG time.

My seven mile dreadmill run on the 31st put me at 159.9 miles for the month, the most I’ve strung together in the past year by almost 30 miles. I’m pretty stoked on that.

Better yet, my body is adapting and taking the training really well. I’ve had a few bunk workouts here and there, but that happens… Just have to roll with the punches.

Despite the cold things have been going super well, and I’m very thankful. We’re on week five of marathon training, and my mileage is starting to creep up, ever so slightly. I’ll hit about 41 miles at the end of this week, and by the end of February I’m pretty sure I’ll be logging close to 50. It’s exciting.

Finally, I had a few killer ice beards this month… They kind of suck sometimes (most of the time) but the internet seems to like them. Here’s my favorite so far:


I’m going to try to end these “update” posts with a little positivity in the form of what I’m hoping to see over the next month/week/however long it’s going to be, and maybe even a few extra goals.

Looking forward to February…

I’m hoping that I can keep riding this train of positivity. My body feels great, I’m getting my mileage in and most of my workouts are going well. Hopefully, we won’t have any more frigid days, so I can just keep rolling with my runs outside.

Also, I recently started taking a daily CBD supplement. I’m excited to see if and how it affects me, so I’ll be trying to keep pretty close tabs on that. After the first two nights, I’ve already noticed that I’m sleeping better, and any minor aches and pains I’ve had have started to go away. Radical.

As far as goals:

  • Dial in race pace. I have two goal pace workouts next month. I’m hoping to crush them and help my body learn how it feels to run 6:41/mi for an extended period of time. The pace itself doesn’t seem hard, the consistency is where I’m struggling.
  • Nutrition. I’m going to try to track all of my food over the next week (at least) and see where I can improve. I have a tendency to eat like a garbage toilet person, so maybe tracking exactly what I’m eating will help negate that. Shouts out to MyFitnessPal. Also, I’m going to try to find a secondary mid-run fuel, preferably a chewable. I’ve been using Honey Stinger gels (fruit smoothie is GREAT) but I want to have a backup just in case my body gets sick of them mid-marathon. I might give Honey Stinger’s chewables another try… Last time I tried them my stomach was pretty messed up starting about an hour after my run. I’m open to more natural/organic suggestions if you have them!
  • Core work. I was REALLY good about doing core for the first two weeks of January and then fell off the wagon… Starting February 1st, I’m making it a goal to do at least 5 minutes of core on every “running” day.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for you today. This one isn’t as fun and exciting as they have been in posts past, but this cold has me feeling kinda “meh.”

Overall, I’m super excited that training is going well and that I’ve made so much progress on my street quest… I just hope I can stay outside and avoid the dreadmill for the rest of the year.

As always, follow me on Twitter or Instagram, both @jakesmithruns, and feel free to follow me on Strava with the button below.

How did your January go? What are you looking forward to this February? Drop a comment or shoot me an email with the “contact” tab on my site!

Keep er’ movin’.


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