A Heyyo what’s up internet?!

We’re going to keep this short and sweet. Sorry I’m SUUUUUUPER late.

We’re going to focus mainly on the training aspect of February and I’ll pull double duty on the March update for #EverySingleStreetEC (because I have an idea for that and it’s going to take a little extra time.)

February Training Update

What a month? Lots of snow. Not ideal.

Training was Hard.

We had the snowiest month on record (ever) here in Eau Claire, coming in at over 50 inches. It was not ideal.

All of my runs were pretty slow, but my heart rate stayed at the higher end of my zone–probably because there was a lot of slippin’ and slidin’ around. I spent a lot of time in my trail shoes (Altra Timp 1.5… they’re dope) in hopes of getting just a touch of extra traction.


Did it help? Kinda. It definitely turned me 110% to team Altra. In fact, just swooped a pair the Torin 3.5 Knit today, and ordered what will likely be my marathon shoes, the Escalante 1.5.

Maybe I’ll do a review of those? I don’t know if I have any authority doing shoe reviews. Might be something fun to try, though.


Back to training.

As I said, it was really hard because of the snow. Specifically workouts.

Hill repeats?

Not happening. EVERY hill was covered in slippery slop that was near impossible to run on without falling and busting your head.


Sometimes. Depending on how long it had been since the last snow, I could probably pull off a decent fartlek. My heart rate got up there pretty easily due to the extra resistance and the snow.

Tempo and goal pace work?

Eh. Hitting my paces was just… hard. You couldn’t really get into any form of a groove because you had to slow down on every corner, and you were constantly playing the “is there ice underneath this snow?” game. I think aerobically these workouts were the best, just because (again) the extra resistance caused me to work harder.

I know, I know. It sounds like I’m making excuses for a bad month of training.

But really, it wasn’t a bad month of training at all.

Quick stats: I ran 163.4 miles in February in 21 runs. 3.5 more miles than in January, in 6 less runs. It seems like a “minor” accomplishment, but by golly I’ll take it.

The way I see it, February was an extra month of building the aerobic engine. I feel like the added stress (on my body and my mind) from the metric sh#t ton of snow made me stronger, mentally and physically, and so far in March it’s paying off HUGE.

I guess what the moral of the story to all of this goes back to the whole “worry about what you can control” thing. I can’t control the weather, but I can control my attitude.

Instead of getting pissed off about the weather, I tried to make the most of it and look on the brightside of the whole situation: I was getting STRONGER than all those folks who decided to skip the run when the weather was rough.

Like I said in this Instagram post after trudging 17 miles through knee high snow drifts and 20+ MPH gusts: Embrace the suck.


I like to think that my stubbornness will pay off on race day. And in a few months, we’ll find out if it has.

So that’s all I have for you guys today. I’ve been busy, so it took me a bit to get to this. HOWEVER, my goal is to stay on top of this moving forward and through the marathon.

I’ll have my March update on time, and probably do a separate post for #EverySingleStreetEC, because like I said, I have ideas.

Follow me on the Instagram or Twitter if you feel so inclined, and don’t forget to hit that Strava link below.

Keep ‘er Movin’.


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